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How to Freeze “Last Seen” on WhatsApp in 5 Easy Steps

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Privacy settings are crucial, particularly for messaging applications such as WhatsApp.

Numerous privacy protections are available in WhatsApp, including saved messages and end-to-end encryption.

By utilizing your options, you may also manage your privacy.

For example, you may freeze or conceal your “Last Seen” status on WhatsApp if you don’t want other people to know when you were last online.

If someone finds out when you were last logged onto WhatsApp, things may get unpleasant.

If someone messaged you on WhatsApp when you were online, they would anticipate hearing back from you right away.

You might not, however, be able to come up with a response straight away.

They may assume that you are purposefully ignoring them if you don’t respond, but that isn’t always the case.

By following the 5-step instructions below, you may freeze your WhatsApp “Last Seen” status and relieve all that strain.

How to Freeze “Last Seen” on WhatsApp

You must go to your privacy settings on WhatsApp in order to freeze your “Last Seen.”

You may change your “Last Seen” to “Nobody” to freeze it once you’re in your privacy settings.

You may keep people from finding out when you were last online on WhatsApp by freezing your “Last Seen.”

But you also won’t be able to find out when they were last online.

Remember that you won’t be able to view other people’s “Last Seen” before choosing to freeze your own.

Nevertheless, even if your “Last Seen” is hidden, there is a method you can use to find out when someone was last online on WhatsApp.

To put it briefly, the method is to rapidly change your “Last Seen” privacy option back to “Nobody” after viewing someone’s online status by turning it to “Everyone.”

If someone didn’t hide it, you’ll be able to see when they were last online on WhatsApp in this manner.

Anyway, the methodical instructions for freezing your WhatsApp “Last Seen” are provided below.

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Step #1: Go to WhatsApp Settings

Open WhatsApp > Settings > Account.

First, on your mobile device, open WhatsApp.

Next, to access your Settings, press the Settings icon located in the bottom navigation bar.

Please be aware that the privacy setting is not available on WhatsApp Web, therefore you will not be able to accomplish this there.

There are several tabs available once you are on the Settings page.

You may check your starred messages, update your profile, scan the WhatsApp Web/Desktop QR code, and do a lot more.

You’ll see a “Account” tab beneath the “WhatsApp Web/Desktop” option.

To access your account settings, tap “Account.”

You can change the security and privacy settings for your account on the account settings page.

You’ve reached your account settings successfully.

You will need to browse to your privacy settings in the next step.

Step #2: Tap on “Privacy”

Account > Privacy.

You will reach your account settings after tapping on the “Account” tab (from the previous step).

You may adjust your security and privacy settings under the account settings.

You can also ask to have your account information removed or deleted.

To access your privacy settings, tap the top tab, “Privacy.”

The “Last Seen” feature may be found under the privacy settings.

It will be used to conceal your WhatsApp online status.

You’ve reached your privacy settings with success.

To freeze it, follow the instructions in the next step to browse to the “Last Seen” setting.

Step #3: Tap on “Last Seen”

Privacy > Last Seen.

You’ll reach your privacy settings after selecting the “Privacy” tab (from the previous step).

Numerous privacy elements of WhatsApp are customizable.

You may choose who can see when you last used WhatsApp, enable two-step verification, lock your account (using Touch ID, Face ID, or Android Fingerprint lock), and more.

You may select who can view your “Last Seen,” “Profile Photo,” “About,” “Groups,” and “Status” on the privacy settings page.

Your “Last Seen” is the option you want to customize since you want to hide it.

To access your “Last Seen” privacy settings, tap the “Last Seen” tab.

You’ll discover how to instantly conceal your “Last Seen” from other people in the last stage.

Step #4: Change last seen to “Nobody”

Last Seen > Nobody.

You have control over who may see it now that you’re on your “Last Seen” privacy settings.

You have three options to select from: “Nobody,” “My Contacts,” and “Everyone.”

First of all, “Everyone” indicates that your “Last Seen” will be visible to everyone, even people who are not in your contacts list.

Your “Last Seen” is only visible to your contacts if you choose “My Contacts.”

Thirdly, nobody can see your “Last Seen” since “Nobody” conceals it from them all.

To freeze your WhatsApp “Last Seen,” tap “Nobody.”

Once you hit “Nobody,” your “Last Seen” will become inactive.

To put it another way, nobody else will be aware of the last time you opened WhatsApp.

Likewise, you won’t be able to find out when other individuals last opened their WhatsApp accounts if your “Last Seen” is set to “Nobody.”

You must have “Everyone” or “My Contacts” selected under “Last Seen” if you wish to know when someone was last active on WhatsApp.

How do I freeze my last seen on WhatsApp on iPhone?

The process of freezing your last saw on WhatsApp on an iPhone is comparable to that of an Android device.

Open WhatsApp on your iPhone and select Settings > Privacy > Last Seen > Nobody to freeze your last seen.

Once you’ve selected “Nobody,” it will no longer be visible to other people.

Put differently, no one will be able to determine the last time you were logged onto WhatsApp.

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It’s crucial to hide your WhatsApp “Last Seen” when you don’t want people to know when you were last online.

It makes even more sense to conceal your online status if you’re a sluggish texter so as to avoid giving the impression that you’re purposefully neglecting people.

Some sluggish texters are actually not doing it on purpose when they ignore a text.

Some folks just need more time to come up with a response, are too busy, or forget about the communication.

In any case, the best course of action is to “freeze” your “Last Seen” on WhatsApp.

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