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How to Hide Videos on TikTok

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Normally, you would erase a video that you uploaded to TikTok if you wanted to take it down. However, you have the option to remove the video from your TikTok profile or hide it.

You may archive posts on social networking sites like Instagram to make them invisible. A post may be moved from your feed to your archives by archiving it.

Consequently, that post will not appear in your feed for your followers. If you decide to change your mind, you can always put your posts back up on your feed, which makes them a perfect alternative to removing them.

On TikTok, videos cannot be archived, but they can be hidden from your profile.

You may stop other people from seeing your videos on TikTok by following the instructions in this article.

How to Hide Videos on TikTok

Videos on TikTok may be hidden by switching their privacy setting from “Everyone” to “Private.”

Once you have adjusted the video’s privacy to “Private,” it will no longer appear in your stream.

It is only accessible to you by using the “lock” symbol on your profile.

The particular video that you have marked as “Private” on your profile won’t be seen to your followers.

The Instagram “Archive” option and the “Private” option are comparable.

Here’s a detailed tutorial (with screenshots) on how to conceal movies on TikTok.

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1. Navigate to the video and tap on the three dots

A TikTok video must have its privacy set to “Private” in order to be hidden.

To access the privacy option, simply tap the three dots located in the left sidebar of a video.

Start by opening TikTok on your smartphone.

Next, find the video that you wish to conceal and browse to your profile.

After locating the video you wish to conceal, touch on it to start watching it.

You can see the three dots icon, your profile icon, and the comments icon on the right sidebar.

Three dots are tapped beneath the comment icon.

You will find out where the privacy settings are located in the following step.

2. Tap on “Privacy settings”

Scroll to the right of the navigation menu > Privacy settings.

Tapping on the three dots icon will cause a navigation menu to appear.

There are several sharing choices, including Instagram, Message, WhatsApp, and more, on the navigation menu.

There are several choices shown beneath the sharing icons.

After that, scroll all the way to the right until you see the “Privacy settings” option.

To view the privacy options for the video, tap on “Privacy settings.”

You will discover how to modify your privacy settings in order to remove your video from your profile in the following stages.

3. Tap on “Who can watch this video”

Tap on “Who can watch this video”.

You can access the privacy settings for the video by tapping on the “Privacy settings.”

There are several editable choices available on the video’s privacy settings.

The options “Who can watch this video,” “Allow comments,” “Allow Duet,” and “Allow Stitch” are available.

The “Who can watch this video” option is the one you should be clicking on since it lets you modify the video’s privacy settings.

To manage who may view the video, tap on “Who can watch this video.”

To remove your movie from your profile, you will discover how to make it private in the last step.

4. Select “Private”

Change the video’s privacy setting from “Everyone” to “Private”.

You will be able to manage who can view your video once you are on the “Who can watch this video” setting.

You can choose from the following three options: Friends, Private, and Everyone.

Your video will be shown to all users on TikTok if you choose the “Everyone” option.

This implies that your video will appear on other users’ “For You” pages and, if you have included a hashtag or hashtags in the video’s title, may also appear in the hashtag search results.

Second, watching your video with the “Friends” option only permits viewers who are already fans of yours.

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Sometimes you have to take down a video you posted on TikTok because you may later regret publishing it.

Deleting a TikTok video is the most natural approach to take it off from your profile.

To show it again on your feed if you decide to change your mind, hiding it from your feed is a preferable option.

Therefore, it is best to switch the video’s privacy settings from “Everyone” to “Private.”

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