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How to Make a Public Discord Server (3 Easy Steps)

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A Discord server’s privacy option is initially set to private when it is created. This implies that users can only connect to your server if you extend an invitation to them.

If not, you must provide them with the URL. However, you must apply if you wish to allow users to find and search your server.

The “Community” function is useful in this situation. If you meet specific requirements, the “Community” function makes your Discord server discoverable by other users.

You can find instructions on how to make your server public and activate the community function in this tutorial.

How to make a public Discord server

You must go to your server settings and choose the “Enable Community” tab in order to create a public Discord server.

You may activate the community functionality and make your server discoverable after you’re on the “Enable Community” option.

Making your server public is equivalent to turning on the community function.

You’ll also have access to a number of services, such as immediate updates, server insights, and server discovery.

Your server may be found on the “Explore Public Servers” page thanks to server discovery.

Put differently, your server will be discoverable by other Discord users through simple searches.

Your server will appear higher in the search results if it has a large number of members.

Next, “Server Insights” will assist you in maintaining member engagement and better moderating your server.

But, you must have 500 or more members on your server.

Finally, you will receive immediate notifications regarding communities on Discord.

Here’s a quick 3-step tutorial that will walk you through enabling and publishing your Discord server’s community feature.

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Step 1: Navigate to “Enable Community”

Open Discord > navigate to your server > dropdown arrow > Server Settings > Community > Enable Community.

Launch Discord on your desktop first.

Discord’s mobile app is also available for usage, however it does not support discovery applications.

Click the icon of your server to navigate to it once you’re in Discord.

Next, to access an options menu, click the dropdown arrow next to the name of your server.

If you’re using Discord on a mobile device, three dots will appear in place of the dropdown arrow.

To access your server settings, select “Server Settings” from the options menu.

Your server name, community, and user management are the three headings you’ll see on the left sidebar of your server settings.

There’s a “Enable Community” option under the “Community” section.

To access the tab where you may activate the community function, click the “Enable Community” option.

To learn how to activate the community function, move on to the following step.

Step 2: Select “Get Started”

Get Started > follow the on-screen instructions to set up your community.

You will be sent to the “Enable Community” menu after selecting “Enable Community.”

You’ll see a “Get Started” button if your Discord server’s community feature isn’t activated.

To finish the setup, click “Get Started” and adhere to the on-screen directions.

After you select the “Get Started” option, the setup process looks like this:

  • After selecting “Scan media content from all members” and “Verified email required,” click “Next.”
  • Click “Next” after selecting the channel where you wish to publish community updates and server rules/guidelines.
  • Check the boxes for “I agree and understand,” “Remove moderation permissions from @everyone,” and “Default notifications to Mentions Only.”
  • Select “Finish setup.”

Your server will now function as a community server once you’ve selected “Finish setup.”

You’ll notice a number of new sections under the community page, such as overview, server insights, partner program, and more.

Go to the last step to find out how to submit an application for discovery to enable public/discoverable access to your Discord server.

Step 3: Apply for Discovery

Community > Discovery > Enable Discovery.

Go to the left sidebar after enabling the “Community” option on your server.

Under the “Community” banner on the left sidebar, you’ll find a number of new options, such as overview, server insights, partner program, and more.

There will be a tab labeled “Discovery” as well.

This tab is not accessible on mobile devices, thus you cannot view it if you are using Discord on that device.

To access the discovery feature, select the “Discovery” tab.

Your server will appear on the “Explore Public Servers” page in the Discord desktop app if you enable Discover.

Stated differently, users will be able to search for your server and locate it.

Click “Enable Discovery” to activate discovery.

But before you can activate server discovery, you must meet the basic criteria.

Before you can enable discovery for your server, it must meet the following requirements:

  • The Discord Community Guidelines must be followed.
  • There must be at least 7,000 users on your server.
  • It must be at least eight weeks old for your server.
  • It is necessary to enable server insights (500 members required).
  • There are no offensive language in the channel names, description, or server name.
  • Enable 2FA now.

Applying for discovery is only possible once you meet all of the prerequisites listed above.

Don’t worry if you don’t meet the standards; you may still add your Discord server on sites like top.gg or disboard.org.

Congratulations! Your Discord server is now publicly accessible!

How do I change my Discord server from private to public?

A Discord server that you create will initially have its privacy set to private by default.

This implies that the only users who can join your server are those who have an active invite link.

Therefore, there’s no need to switch from private to public on your Discord server.

On the other hand, you must apply for discovery if you wish to make your server discoverable.

However, you must first meet the minimal criteria and have the community function activated.

Can anyone join my Discord server?

No, not everybody is able to log into your Discord channel.

You may only invite people to join your Discord server if they have an active invite link.

On the other hand, anybody can join if the community and discovery functions are activated on your server.

Comparably, anyone who discovers your server from a Discord server list (like top.gg) will be able to join it.

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Locating public Discord servers might be challenging.

This is the use case for websites such as disboard.org and top.gg.

You may search for Discord servers using these websites by name, category, and other criteria.

You can add your server to these websites if it meets the minimal criterion to activate the discovery feature for your server.

This will enable anybody to find and access your server.

Additionally, since users will join your Discord server on their own, you won’t need to aggressively advertise its URL.

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