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Ways to Fix Spotify Not Showing as Status on Discord

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Discord and Spotify are two popular platforms that many people use to connect with friends and enjoy their favorite music. One of the cool features of Discord is the ability to show your Spotify listening activity as your status. However, sometimes you may encounter an issue where Spotify is not showing as your status on Discord. In this blog post, we will explore some ways to fix this problem.

How to fix Spotify not showing as status on Discord

First, make sure that Spotify is connected to Discord through the connection settings in order to resolve Spotify not appearing as status on Discord.

Your profile won’t display the “Listening to Spotify” status if it’s not connected correctly.

You can try relinking Spotify to Discord if you’ve already linked it and the Spotify status isn’t showing up.

A lot of Discord users were able to resolve the problem by re-connecting Spotify to Discord.

It’s also the most often used remedy for the problem.

If all else fails, you might try going into the Game Activity Settings and turning off the “Display currently running game as a status message.”

Remember that the Spotify status is only visible while using the app on a desktop computer.

A song that you listen on the Spotify app while on a mobile device won’t show up on your profile.

The three techniques to resolve the Spotify status on Discord are listed below.

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1. Update Discord and Spotify

The first step in resolving any software-related issue is to make sure that both Discord and Spotify are up to date. Outdated versions of these applications can sometimes cause compatibility issues. Check for updates in the respective app stores or websites and install any available updates.

2. Reconnect Spotify to Discord

If you’ve recently changed your Spotify password or logged out of your account, you may need to reconnect Spotify to Discord. To do this, open Discord and go to User Settings. Under the Connections tab, locate Spotify and click on the “Disconnect” button. Then, click on “Connect” and follow the prompts to log in to your Spotify account again.

3. Enable Spotify in Discord Settings

Discord has a setting that allows you to display your Spotify status. Sometimes, this setting may be disabled, causing Spotify not to show as your status. To enable it, open Discord and go to User Settings. Under the Connections tab, scroll down to the Spotify section and make sure the toggle switch is turned on.

4. Check Privacy Settings

Both Discord and Spotify have privacy settings that can affect whether or not your Spotify status is displayed on Discord. In Discord, go to User Settings and click on Privacy & Safety. Under the Activity Status section, make sure the toggle switch for “Display Spotify as your status” is turned on. In Spotify, go to Settings and scroll down to the Display Options section. Make sure the toggle switch for “Show my currently playing song on my profile” is turned on.

5. Reinstall Discord and Spotify

If none of the above solutions work, you can try reinstalling both Discord and Spotify. Sometimes, a fresh installation can resolve any underlying issues that may be causing Spotify not to show as your status. Before reinstalling, make sure to backup any important data or settings.

How do I get Spotify to show on Discord?

You must use the Connections Setting to link Spotify with Discord in order for it to appear on the platform.

To begin with, launch Discord on a desktop computer and select the profile tab from the left navigation bar.

Next, select your User Settings by clicking the gear button.

Click “Connections” on the User Settings screen, then choose the Spotify symbol.

Finally, sign into your Spotify account, accept the rules, and every time you play a song on it, it will indicate that you are listening to Spotify.

Does Spotify mobile show on Discord?

No, Discord does not display Spotify mobile.

You must use Spotify on a desktop computer in order for the Discord “Listening to Spotify” status to appear.

This is due to the fact that Discord and Spotify are only compatible on desktop computers not mobile ones.

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Having Spotify show as your status on Discord can be a fun way to share your music taste with others. If you’re experiencing the issue of Spotify not showing as your status, try the solutions mentioned in this blog post. By updating the applications, reconnecting Spotify to Discord, enabling the Spotify setting in Discord, checking privacy settings, or reinstalling the applications, you should be able to fix the problem and have your Spotify status displayed on Discord once again.

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